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Crafty Monday: Health & Safety week (also manners!) August 20, 2012

In this Post: Health & safety crafts (Sleep Mask, Box Telephone, & Paint Germs), health videos and info, good videos to teach kids safety (fire, strangers, etc…), apple “teeth” snack for Dental day. Also Manners place mats and napkins.

PS: please note that I have new subcategories on the right side of my blog. Now if you want to find lapbooks for instance you can just click the category. That’s for you Rachel 😉

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’m actually writing this post ahead of time like I like to do sometimes. It’s really Sunday and I’ve been in bed all day. Just my normal issues but hey my hubby got me chocolate and that cures everything! lol. He gets his boss chocolate to calm her down on the bad days (I love his boss), so I told him there were certain times where I needed chocolate too ;). ..also fast food and a chick flick but so far haven’t gotten them. He got me two large candy bars so I am satisfied :P. Moving on…..

This past week in homeschool Michael and I have talked about health and safety. We are studying the body in September (Lord willing) so we didn’t get too in depth about health. We basically talked about germs, getting enough sleep, and taking care of our teeth. Then we talked about fire safety, stranger safety, and how to call 9-1-1. We’ve talked about these things before but I think he’s finally at the age where it’s all sinking in. Oh, we also talked about manners.

Books we read (Pic below): anything with the Berenstain Bears is a go! The Body Battles book really helped Michael understand Germs. Though Michael is in 2nd grade, he is still only 6 yrs old and he still loves Curious George. Michael has been reading to our guinea pig Snowball. I’ve also noticed that he reads books of his own free will in his book corner. Yaaa!

Manners Matter paper turned place mat

Michael colored the pages and I used contact paper to turn both into place mats. Michael used the place mats as a guide to set the table. Now he has the guide memorized. They came from Danielle’

Manners Cloth Napkins

I saw this idea on Pinterest. You can buy embroidered manners napkins for 70 bucks. I decided to make my own using permanent markers.  The problem was that some of the marker washed out completely and some faded….so much for permanent. A few survived. My favorite is “Elbows off the table Mable”. 🙂 Southern pride lol.

We watched the sleep video below and made this sleep mask out of foam. We tried the glitter hand sanitizer experiment to see how germs spread but I don’t think we had enough glitter for it to work.

Why do we need sleep? video

This was interesting to read:

“Other rejuvenating aspects of sleep are specific to the brain and cognitive function. For example, while we are awake, neurons in the brain produce adenosine, a by-product of the cells’ activities. The build-up of adenosine in the brain is thought to be one factor that leads to our perception of being tired. (Incidentally, this feeling is counteracted by the use of caffeine, which blocks the actions of adenosine in the brain and keeps us alert.) Scientists think that this build-up of adenosine during wakefulness may promote the “drive to sleep.” As long as we are awake, adenosine accumulates and remains high. During sleep, the body has a chance to clear adenosine from the system, and, as a result, we feel more alert when we wake.”


Paint Germs: Michael used a straw to blow around splattered paint. Then I added faces. We also watched the video below.

Why do we catch colds?

The next day we talked about Stranger Safety. I LOVE the Safe Side dvd with Safe Side Super Chick. It talks all about “Don’t knows” and “Kinda Knows”……also what to do if someone tries to grab you. I think it is a must for any parent.

Safe Side is pictured below with the other DVD we watched. I like Seemore’s Playhouse also because it talks about fire safety and taking care of your teeth in a fun way.

I printed out a body boundaries worksheet. You can find it on my Pinterest. I used Michael’s stuffed dog “Blew” (My Dad named him. It was his stuffed animal before he died and he was with Dad when he died.) for a “good touch/ bad touch” demonstration. Poor Blew was violated 😦 lol. Any who, I think Michael got the point.

I printed out the Happy tooth/Sad Tooth worksheets from Enchanted Learning. I put them on our cork board and pinned happy and sad food to them. Michael drew pictures of happy and sad food for teeth. We watched the Seemore’s Playhouse video on dental health. Then Michael ate a snack of apples with peanut butter and marshmallows for “teeth”.

Apple Mouths ~ Michael said they were tasty 🙂

We didn’t have any big Lego’s for a floss project. So I strung some foam blocks on a paper clip to make teeth. Then I put white play dough in between and Michael flossed the teeth with string.

We also watched the video below:

Why do I have to brush my teeth?

For Fire Safety we watched Seemore’s fire safety dvd. Michael colored a fireman sheet and he also drew a fireman with his art lessons. I set off the smoke alarm and we practiced a drill.

Cardboard Telephone

I found this idea online but didn’t follow the instructions. I rarely have tissue boxes so I used a paint box. Michael painted it and then he cut out the foam squares for the numbers. We glued all that on and I put two foam circles for the ear and mouth pieces. It was supposed to be a cordless phone but I added a “cord”.

We talked about 9-1-1 and Michael used the play phone to “call” 9-1-1. We practiced a couple of scenarios. I played the 9-1-1 operator. Once Michael told the “operator” that someone had passed away lol. He was supposed to say someone had passed out! We also pretended a robber was breaking in. Michael hid under his bed and “called” 9-1-1. He had to tell the “operator” his address and our names etc. He stayed on the line til the “police” told him it was okay to come out from under the bed. He did great. I’m so proud of him.

We took a break one day and just went to the park. It was nice to get out of the house and just BE.

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Next week (Lord willing) we will talk about community helpers. I’m super excited 🙂

Community Helpers Study:

Drug Safety Study:


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Haha! And I will be using that “Lapbooks for Homeschool” tab, thank you so much! 🙂 We, too, love the Berenstain Bears! And I will be remembering your blog when we do the body later this year … I want to take advantage of these videos! Thanks! It was great to see you today! 🙂

  2. Ann Says:


  3. Videos and crafts to really make it sink in. Thanks for sharing. Excellent information.

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