The High King Lives

My Family Rocks! Sunday: Fall Festival, Soups That Stretch, & Candy Corn Cookies November 4, 2012

Note: Please donate to help those affected by tropical storm Sandy. World Vision is a great charity. Overall, please pray.

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a safe holiday Wednesday. Michael and I dressed up for our church’s fall festival. We visited a few other churches as well. I couldn’t get anyone else to dress up with me…maybe next year, Lord willing. My in laws are here this weekend and it’s been peaceful relaxing at home. Thankfully they don’t mind me holing up in the bedroom to write. I usually only write at night though. NaNoWrimo is fun. I’m excited to be writing so much. November is going to be the longest month.

Anywho, enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check out the recipes at the end.Ā  šŸ™‚

My Captain America

I was supposed to be Wasp but I just look like a bumble bee. It was sure chilly.

Apparently some of the trunk or treaters decided to decorate back woods style.

You can’t see it but our pastor had a stuffed boar in his truck. He pulled the string to make it pop out.

Michael with his buddies in the youth group. Can you guess what they are?

Fall Festivals are much more fun than just trick or treating. Michael enjoyed the games and free food.

We visited another church near us. Michael’s trying to shoot the pumpkin people.

Putt putt

Nana (mom) tried her hand at basketball

Pumpkin Toss

I loved how this church had the Gospel message on pumpkins!

Michael shooting “planets”.

I had to share this: Michael’s toy shop

He “sold” me this light saber for free and promised to give me all his money. LOL if only the real world worked that way!

Other customers šŸ™‚

Now onto recipes…

You can find some of these recipes here:

Candy Corn Cookies- these were delicious!

Mmmmmm Pumpkin Pie

I also made mini pecan pies and chocolate covered caramel apples. The apples tasted great but they were a mess. The caramel didn’t harden like I’d hoped. The mini pecan pies were my breakfast all week. Yummy!

Soups that stretch

Vegetable Beef Soup- can also be cabbage soup with beans, or bean soup.

Curried Pumpkin Soup- This soup has to be done just right to taste good. I don’t always have luck with it but it worked out this year. I added potatoes and that helped the consistency.

Other meals that stretch…

Easy Cheese Danish- this is great for breakfast. It’ll last all week!

Pigs in a blanket- these were lunch for the three of us for most of the week.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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