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Crafty Monday: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with the Homeschool Group March 11, 2013

Hello friends! Thursday it was my turn to host our homeschool group. I chose St. Patrick’s Day since it’s coming up soon. Enjoy the pics and maybe you can use the ideas :).

Michael’s Painting this year. The Shamrock represents the Trinity and the sentence says “God is found in the smallest of spaces”. Idea from

St Patty rainbow 2013 002

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those small holidays that most people know nothing about. I would probably be clueless if it wasn’t for my Dad and I listening to a lot of Adventures in Odyssey when I was a kid. One day I heard the broadcast called “St. Patrick, a Heart Afire”. I was inspired by St. Patrick’s story. It’s surprising that a celebration inspired by a man of God bringing Christianity to a nation, has turned into a drinking fest where people pinch each other.

Don’t get me wrong. I like wearing green and playing pretend with leprechauns and rainbows. It’s good fun but I also hope we can all go deeper with this holiday and learn something.

You can find the story I heard at this link:

The description says ” Whit tells Jared DeWhite the story of Patrick, a slave boy who changed the history of an entire nation through his dedication to Jesus”.

I was so thankful to have my buddies Rachel & Hannah help me set up. Also my hubby Chris was a big help. I was a bit scatter brained that morning but it all came together. The balloons rainbow went home to be used for our Oz party.

Creation museum St Patty 2013 136


Irish flags and goodies. Irish Potato candies~

Pistachio pudding cookies~

Mint Chocolate Chip cookies


At the end of the rainbow I had treats for the kids and also a few leprechauns. I found these at Party City. I filled the tiny pots with Easter grass, gold coins, a shamrock, and confetti. I filled the bags with St. Patty’s pencils, chocolate gold coins, and confetti.


Katherine and her lil man

Creation museum St Patty 2013 137

Shamrock Punch~ Lime Sherbert, Gingerale, & Pineapple Juice. It’s important to make sure the ice cream melts good for flavor.


Irish beef stew~ the recipe calls for lamb but beef tastes good too.


Irish Soda Bread ~


An Irish meal 🙂


The kiddos eating their Irish meal and wearing leprechaun hats. They were very good about wearing their leprechaun listening ears and they all shouted with me when we repeated Saint Patrick’s words about Christ being our light and strength.


Me getting ready to read The Story of St. Patrick.

You can find it here:


I look like a green smurf lol.


Michael’s painting from two years ago. Saint Patrick used the shamrock (3 leaf clover) to teach the Irish about the trinity. Three in one. One God but three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Just like there is one shamrock but three leaves.


Maggie’s Shamrock with the Trinity on it.


Rachel and her daughter Maggie working on the project.

Creation museum St Patty 2013 142

Hannah and her daughter Olivia painting.

Creation museum St Patty 2013 141

My Michael painting the rainbow :).

Creation museum St Patty 2013 140

Maggie 🙂


Maggie’s painting


So pretty 🙂


Michael and his buddy Liam (Hannah’s son).

Creation museum St Patty 2013 139

Olivia and her best buddy Maggie.

Creation museum St Patty 2013 138

Best friends: Liam, Michael, and Olivia

Creation museum St Patty 2013 143

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St. Patrick’s Pinterest link:

God bless & remember the High King lives!

~Amber Dover

Hunting for Leprechauns:

Prepping for St. Patty’s:


5 Responses to “Crafty Monday: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with the Homeschool Group”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    What can I say… but.. simply wonderful! loved that punch too,was delicious!

  2. Rachel S. Says:

    I swore I had already written on this post, but you know where my head’s been these days! Thank you for such a fun hosting! I went home with a happy belly and a happy girl! Thank you! 🙂

    • amberdover Says:

      Lol I think you did write on this post. Or maybe I just read it on FB…hmmm. Maybe we are both losing our minds lol. Your welcome and thanks for your help and coming. Love ya and drive safe!

  3. amberdover Says:

    Reblogged this on amberdover and commented:

    Here’s last years St. Patty’s party. I made some delicious Irish food, had a rainbow balloon, an inspiring craft from That Artist Woman, and read a book. There are links for your own St. Patty fun! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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