The High King Lives

Colonial Road Trip Part 2: South of the Border, South Carolina June 3, 2014

Hello dear ones! My family took a trip from Savannah to Washington D.C. On the way we stumbled across this gem, South of the Border. It’s a very touristy mini amusement park on the border of South and North Carolina. We were on our way to Williamsburg, Virginia when I realized we were not going to make it to VA in time to do anything. So we took a detour at South of the Border. It was nice to stretch our legs during our 7 hour trip.

South of the Border has a Mexican flare. It’s made up of several shops and there is a Reptile center, “Reptile Lagoon”. We took pictures with all the statues and enjoyed an ice cream cone (a real one, not the big fake one!). We enjoyed seeing reptiles from all over the world at the Reptile Lagoon.  In the pictures below, you can see Michael sitting on a “jackelope”, reading the atlas while we traveled, standing by a Native American manequinn at the South Carolina welcome center, and checking out the neat reptiles. We even have a King Cobra on here. Lastly, Chris and Michael resting after we finally made it to Virginia. What a long day! We would spend two days in Williamsburg, while a winter storm blew in….

More tomorrow! Enjoy the pics!

South of the Border

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Colonial Road Trip Part 1:

Colonial Road Trip Part 3:



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