The High King Lives

Advent Week 4 January 1, 2014

Hello dear ones! It’s time to wrap up the Advent series. Christmas has come and gone again. Here’s how we finished Advent :).

  • Sunday we lit the last Advent candle for Peace. We enjoyed a Christmas service. On the top right is a pic of a man with a newborn baby. He sang “Joseph’s song“. It was very sweet.
  • Watched a funny Christmas movie & wrapped each other up. You can see in the pic that Chris is a Christmas tree, I’m a snowman, and Michael is a Christmas present.  The pets even got wrapped up a bit (this was before Annabelle). We had a wrapping paper fight.  We also finished reading our Christmas books. You can see them on the right.
  • Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story in our Advent devotional.  We watched The Nativity and It’s a Wonderful Life.  We usually watch these movies every year. We also each opened one present (a tradition). We all slept in the living room.

More after the pictures…


  • Christmas day we woke up and read our last devotional. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast then we dug into our presents and stockings. I put some of our gifts in the picture. Even the pets had stockings. You can see the guinea pig in the wrapping paper.  Michael was thrilled to get his big Hobbit set.  Chris helped him put it together. It’s really neat so I included pictures. We had a simple and delicious Christmas meal (ham, mashed potatoes, biscuits, beans, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie).  Our last advent activity was to adopt a star . We also watched Precious Moments’ Timmy’s Gift and put a star on the Jesse tree.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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